Hosting solutions

Email hosting

We are authorised resellers of Microsoft Office 365.

We are authorised resellers of Microsoft’s Office 365. This means you can have all the benefits of an Exchange server, but cloud based, so without the expense of having to buy your own server. To you, this means your email is available on any device, anywhere you are connected to the internet, and always synchronised across your devices and backed up. Perfect for professionals working in different locations (office, site, home etc). Prices for Office 365 email start from £4.50 per month.

We can also offer you licences for the full version of the Microsoft Office Suite starting from £9.40 per month including Office 365 email.

Website hosting

The location of your website, so that it is always available to the public

Once you have bought a domain name, and have your website designed, built and ready to use, it needs a home and an address on the internet in order to be viewable. This is website hosting. A quick look around the internet reveals a multitude of companies offering hosting, and a huge range of costs and options.

Our standard hosting package includes 250Mb fast web space, 2Gb bandwidth per month all on high spec Unix or Windows web servers (according to your requirements). This specification is more than adequate for most web sites.

Our web hosting hardware is securely housed in state-of-the-art data centres. With tightly-controlled access, uninterruptible power and multiple points of connection, your data stays safe and your websites are constantly available.