Website Analysis & SEO

Every visit to your web space is monitored and logged.

Using basic server statistics, you are able to view and analyse the data that builds up about your visitors, and you can use this to refine your advertising and marketing spend and direction.

For instance, you can see how many visitors your site receives, what search phrases they have used, where they have come to your site from (the referring site), which page they came to first, which page they left your site from, and much more.

A popular site visitor analysis tool to do this analysis is Google Analytics. We can set up a Google Analytics account on your behalf, and you then have full access to the statistics this provides.

We are always available to help and advise with the use and application of site statistics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once a site has been built and uploaded to its home on the internet, the next task is to ensure your potential clients can find it. This is search engine optimisation. In order for your site to rank well in Google or other search engine results, the site needs to be optimised for the products or services you are offering. There are many aspects to this, but there are essentially two main points to look at – the content of your web pages, and the people linking to your web site.

Part of the process of creating each web site we build includes a basic optimisation of the site for the key words and phrases that your potential clients will be using to find your services. The choice of these keywords and phrases is made in consultation with you, and we will build these into the site in a variety of ways. We will discuss with you how the text of your site could be phrased to achieve better results, and work with you to get the best results.

Once a site is created and optimised, we then run a search engine submission, which notifies the major search engines that a new site exists, or that an existing site has been updated. This helps to build site awareness, and can also influence rankings because the search engines will visit the site, increasing traffic and therefore site importance.

We will then discuss who might be prepared to link to your site and how to go about this. We are happy to discuss this with you in more depth if required.