Pay Per Click (PPC)

A paid Search Engine Optimisation technique, made for faster results.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a search engine marketing technique that we sometimes recommend, especially with new sites, to help get fast results. To get a site noticed in search engine listings (sometimes called organic listings) can take time. The search engines continually read and revisit every page and site, and continually revise their rankings. However, there are now many billions of web pages, and the process can take weeks or months to show results.

PPC, using a Google Adwords account or perhaps Facebook pay per click, is something you can set up and manage yourself, or we can manage one on your behalf. An advertising account is created and then an advert is prepared containing keywords and phrases relating to your business, services and products.

The essence of this method is that you pay an agreed sum (to Google or the ad provider) each time someone clicks on your sponsored link and goes to your website. If the link is displayed but not clicked on, there is no charge.

The amount you spend is completely under your control, in terms either of the actual cost per click, or a predetermined maximum daily or monthly spend. Once funds are exhausted the advert is removed until either the next day or month, or until you decide to increase the spend limit for the period. You can vary the amount for each word or phrase, and can edit the settings and costs as frequently as required. There is no long term contract and you can stop the advert whenever you no longer need or want it.

Generally once your site ranks well in the organic listings, the pay per click advertising can be lessened or made more specialised.